Natural Gas Commodity Trading

Did you know that natural gas is the most environment-friendly fuel in the world?

It is the third most used fuel after oil and coal but is considered cleaner as it emits lesser amounts of harmful substances. Since it is combustible, it is used for cooking, lighting and transportation. In addition, it is extensively used by the electrical and industrial sectors.

Understandably, developed countries are the major consumers of natural gas at present. However, the rapid industrialisation in China and India has resulted in greater demand for it in these countries.

Besides industrialisation, the high price of crude oil as well as increasing environmental awareness are factors expected to shoot up the demand for natural gas worldwide. The global demand for this commodity is expected to reach 182 trillion cubic feet by 2030.

What makes natural gas commodity a wise investment?

Natural gas is used extensively to power industry. Being the cleanest fuel of the century, governments of countries across the globe are expected to encourage its use.
Over the next few decades, overall demand for natural gas is expected to rise by over 20% while its application for electric power generation may well see a rise of over 60%. Yet, the supply remains relatively stagnant. Domestic production growth in the last decade is under 1% annualized.
Natural gas commodity is less expensive than crude oil.

Why is natural gas trading in India recommended?

As Indian industry develops, natural gas demand is on the rise, rapidly exceeding its supply.
To curb the growing pollution in metropolitan cities, the Government of India encourages the use of automobiles powered with compressed natural gas (CNG).
Natural gas price in India is lower than that of crude oil, making it an attractive investment.
Not only is India's GDP growing at a rapid rate but its commodities market is also large and flourishing.

All these factors have contributed to increased natural gas trading in India, making it a lucrative commodity to add to one's investment portfolio.

How can Kotak Commodities help me invest in natural gas?

The Kotak Commodity Gateway Account will give you access to research and trading facilities so that you may effortlessly execute natural gas trading in India. Access to Kotak Commodities Academy will offer resources to learn more about the commodities market and trading while our expert research reports will help you to make informed purchase and sale decisions.

You may even avail of facilities like SMS alerts and Call & Trade so you never have to miss out on important buying and selling opportunities. Besides, Kotak Commodities offers attractive brokerage rates.

The best part is that our Gateway is a free trading account for life, carrying no account maintenance charges at all! To learn more about Kotak Commodity Gateway Account, please click here.

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