Gold Commodity Trading

Did you know that India is world's biggest gold consumer?

India is world's biggest gold consumer followed by China and US. Jewellery and investment are the key areas of Indian gold demand. In fact, gold jewellery made up about 75% of total gold demand in India in 2010.

Gold trading in India accounted for 32% of the global total in 2010. With the introduction of futures market, gold backed ETFs and mutual funds; trading interest for the metal is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

What makes gold commodity a wise investment?

Gold is considered a hedge against inflation
Gold has a history of being used as a currency. With increasing devaluation of major currencies it is seen today as an alternative currency.
It is also considered an alternative asset in time of economic uncertainty and geopolitical crisis.
Gold is also ideal for diversification.
Gold forms an integral part of Indian customs and traditions. Its demand rises sharply just before the wedding season and preceding certain Hindu festivals.

Why is gold commodity a wise investment for an Indian trader?

India is world's biggest gold consumer and Jewellery and investment demand is on a rise.
Inflation pressure is high in India making gold an ideal investment.
The nation's GDP is growing and with improving standard of living demand for Jewellery may remain high.
Indian gold demand is also bound by traditions and customs and is likely to remain high.

Increasing worldwide appeal and availability of various instruments has increased trading interest in gold in India. Gold is one of the most traded commodities on Indian bourses.

How can Kotak Commodity help me invest in gold?

The Kotak Commodity Gateway Account will give you access to research and trading facilities so that you may effortlessly execute gold trading in India. Access to Kotak Commodities Academy will offer resources to learn more about the commodities market and trading while our expert research reports will help you to make informed purchase and sale decisions. You may even avail of facilities like SMS alerts and Call & Trade so you never have to miss out on important gold commodities trading events.

At Kotak Commodities, we offer attractive brokerage rates and the best part is that our Gateway is a free trading account for life, carrying no account maintenance charges at all!

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