Crude Oil Futures Trading

Did you know that crude oil is the most widely used energy resource in the world?

Crude oil accounts for nearly 40% of the global energy demand and its consumption is estimated to be over 85 million barrels per day.

Crude oil has wide application and global appeal. When refined, it gives an array of automobile fuels, lubricants, asphalt and petrochemicals. Petrochemical end-products include plastic, detergent, chemical fertilizer, synthetic fibre and rubber.

Consequently, changes in crude oil price have considerable impact on world economy. As price rises, cost of transportation also increases. In turn, this raises costs of manufacturing and distribution, adversely affecting end-product prices. This has an industry-wide impact and adds to inflationary pressure.

Thus, crude oil is the backbone of today's global economy and it is the largest traded commodity in the world.

What makes crude oil a wise investment?

Crude oil is a versatile commodity and its byproducts are used as input for numerous industries.
Modern industrial as well as agricultural economy depends upon crude oil. This makes it a good investment in the long run.
Crude oil demand is on a rise in emerging nations like India and China and this trend will persist as economic activity rises further.
Crude oil market is in tight balance and with increasing demand in emerging markets and dwindling sources of new supplies, price may remain firm in the long term.

With steadily rising crude oil prices in India, why should a trader add the commodity to his portfolio?

India is world's 4th largest crude oil consumer with consumption at 3.1 million barrels per day. India imports almost 70% of its total consumption.
Crude oil is the biggest component of India's import basket and its price affects overall economy.
Rapid economic development is expected to further increase its consumption.
Indian commodity market is growing and crude oil is one of the most traded commodities on domestic bourses.

How can Kotak Commodity help me invest in crude oil?

The Kotak Commodity Gateway Account will give you access to research and trading facilities so that you may effortlessly execute crude oil trading in India. Access to Kotak Commodities Academy will offer resources to learn more about the commodities market and trading while our expert research reports will help you to make informed purchase and sale decisions.

You may even avail of facilities like SMS alerts and Call & Trade so you never have to miss out on important updates like crude oil price or buying and selling opportunities of crude oil futures.

At Kotak Commodities, we offer attractive brokerage rates and the best part is that our Gateway is a free trading account for life, carrying no account maintenance charges at all!

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