Online Trading

For whom is this applicable to?

This is applicable to online trading customers.

Is it necessary to open bank accounts with designated banks? What is the advantage of opening an Internet-banking
account with your banking partners?

Yes. It is necessary that you open a bank account with our designated banks - HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and ICICI Bank.
Faster credits, smooth flow of transactions and early commencement of trading are the advantages you will enjoy. You can transfer funds online and start trading. Further, if we have to make a payment to you, funds can be credited to your bank account directly.

What if I am an existing account holder with your banking partner?

That's great! You can utilize the same bank account to transact with Please mention the account details on the Account Opening form

What if I have an account with a bank other than your banking partners?

Sorry! Your bank account with any other bank will not be useful to us in your dealing with us. We request that you open a banking account with any one of our banking partners. This will enable smooth and fast transactions and ensure faster payments without any delay like that associated with cheque clearance.

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